The Folks Behind The SurelyWP Brand

SurelyWP is a brand created by Nelson Lee Miller, owner of Pee-Aye Creative, a WordPress product creation company in Pennsylvania, USA. Nelson is known for his WordPress and Divi tutorials, course, themes, and plugins. To learn more about who we are, please visit our main company website.

Building Products People Actually Need

For many years, Pee-Aye Creative was a web design company – until we became frustrated with our tools! Each of the products our company creates originated from a genuine need encountered while building sites for clients or working with customers on our own sites. This was especially true for the origin story of SurelyWP:

From Frustration...

As a store owner who was stuck in WooCommerce, we quickly made the switch to SureCart when it was released. But with all the benefits, we noticed there were some missing features that anyone from a WooCommerce background would need, since their ecosystem has addons for just about everything. We needed solutions, but realized that some things were outside the scope and plan for SureCart itself.

...To Solution!

As product creators and problem solvers, we set out to build a collection of addons that extend SureCart with familiar tools and features that store owners expect. Our goal is to create addons that will solve needs and fill in missing features that are not provided by the core SureCart plugin. We have a long term vision for SurelyWP, and hope you are excited to use our addons they continue to evolve and grow.

Value  – For Everyone

As frugal spenders, we knew the prices needed to make sense for everyone. We believe the value gained from using our SurelyWP addons (and SureCart itself) offsets our comparatively low prices for this industry. Making products useful, and yet affordable, for every type of SureCart store owner is not easy! But we are achieving it, and our addon system works beautifully whether you are just a store owner, manager, or someone who sells services or digital products. 

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