Catalog Mode For SureCart

This plugin turns your SureCart store into a browse-only online catalog by disabling purchase buttons and prices, adding an inquiry button with a redirect or popup form, and redirecting the checkout page to another page.

Hide Purchase Buttons  •  Show Custom Message  • Add Popup Inquiry Form

Overview Video

This video gives a full overview of what the plugin is and what it does. This is a great way to get familiar with the plugin and all of its features.

Hello, this is Nelson Miller, the creator of SurelyWP. I created the Catalog Mode For SureCart addon so you can easily replace the cart and checkout process with an inquiry form for offline, whole, or low stock products.

Benefits Of The Catalog Mode For SureCart Plugin

Showcase Products Without Processing Orders

Showcase your products without the distractions of the shopping process by allowing customers to browse product descriptions, images, and prices in order to make informed decisions, even if they can’t buy right away.
How It Works: The Catalog Mode For SureCart plugin allows businesses to showcase their product catalog without enabling the actual online shopping functionality. This is particularly useful when you want to generate interest in your products, promote new arrivals, or prepare for a sales event without immediately processing transactions.

Offline Sales And Inventory Management

Catalog mode is a valuable asset for businesses dealing with offline sales and inventory management challenges, particularly when stock levels are low or products are temporarily unavailable.
How It Works: The Catalog Mode For SureCart plugin serves as a practical tool to manage inventory in dynamic market condition while maintaining transparency, improving customer service, and navigating periods of low inventory or supply chain disruptions, ultimately benefiting both online and offline sales channels.

Wholesale And B2B Sales

Catalog mode is often used by wholesale or B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce stores. It allows businesses to showcase their products to potential buyers, who can then request quotes using the form or place bulk orders offline.
How It Works: The Catalog Mode For SureCart plugin caters to the unique purchasing process of bulk purchases or whole clients enables businesses to present their product catalog with comprehensive details, pricing, and specifications, without the immediate option to make purchases online.

1. Enable Products For Catalog Mode

Our plugin adds various catalog mode related features and modifies features on the existing SureCart product pages. But first, you need to set up which products in your store should be designated to have the catalog mode features.

Choose Products For Catalog Mode

To start, you can choose which products should be designated as catalog mode. You can choose all products, specific products, or products in specific collections.

2. Show Or Hide Items On SureCart Product Pages

The Catalog Mode For SureCart plugin makes it super easy to hide any item on the default SureCart product pages with simple settings. This includes options to hide the price, pricing options, quantity selector, and the add to cart and buy now buttons.

3. Add An Inquiry Button To SureCart Product Pages

Make it easy for people to contact you about the SureCart product they are viewing by adding a button to open a contact form. This includes settings for writing custom text for the inquiry button, setting the location relative to the title, price, description, and buttons, and choosing whether the button should open a popup window with a contact form or redirect to another page.

4. Show A Custom Message On SureCart Product Pages

This feature provides a convenient way to communicate with your customers with any custom message about the product or any special instructions about contacting your company when the product is in catalog mode.

5. Provide Inquiry Form In Popup Window

Our plugin includes a popup window on the product page with a form to send a message about the product. This feature provides a super convenient way for customers to contact the store owner. You can customize which fields show in the form and choose other preferences like what happens after the form is sent.

Default Inquiry Form

The popup window will use the inquiry form fields provided by our plugin by default. You can use the settings to customize which fields show and which fields are required to be filled.

3rd Party Inquiry Form Shortcode

If you want to show your own form in the popup window and replace the default form, you can enter a shortcode from your form plugin in an input field in the settings. We even sNOTE: This currently supports Contact Form 7.


6. Redirect The Checkout Page To A Form

If all the products on your site are in Catalog Mode with the option to purchase disabled, it is import to prevent the customer from visiting the checkout and purchasing the items. This feature will redirect the SureCart checkout page to any other page on the site of your choice.

Default Inquiry Form

If you want to use the default inquiry form provided by our plugin on the checkout redirect page, simply copy and paste the shortcode [surelywp_cm_inquiry_form] into the page content of the selected checkout redirect page.

3rd Party Inquiry Form Shortcode

If you want to use your own 3rd party form in the checkout redirect page, simply find the shortcode from your form plugin and copy and paste it into the page content of the selected checkout redirect page.


7. Customize The Default Inquiry Form Field Options

The Catalog Mode For SureCart plugin uses a form for either the popup window or as a form added to a regular page with a shortcode. Either way, the form fields can be customized to choose which fields to show and which ones are required to be filled. You can choose to show the product name field, which will be automatically populated with the name of the product on SureCart product pages. You can choose to show or hide the name field, email address field, subject field, and message field.

8. Customize The Inquiry Email Template

We make it easy to customize the email that sends to the store owner when a customer sends an inquiry form. You can use variables like the admin user’s name, website name, or product name. The fields also show data using the variables like name, email, subject, and message. You can update the text of the email template however you want, but just be sure to include the variables. You can also customize the email subject line. 

Choose Your Plan For The Catalog Mode For SureCart Addon

Yearly - 1 Site

$9 Every Year
  • 1 Site License
  • 1 Year Of Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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Yearly - 5 Sites

$19 Every Year
  • 5 Site Licenses
  • 1 Year Of Support & Updates
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Yearly - Unlimited Sites

$29 Every Year
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  • 1 year Of Support & Updates
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Lifetime - 1 Site

$29 Lifetime
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Lifetime - 5 Sites

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Lifetime - Unlimited Sites

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We also have a sandbox site set up where you can explore all our addons!
(NOTE: Sandbox site is not available for the Email Reports For SureCart plugin due to the nature of the plugin as there is no reports for a sandbox site)


Are any other plugins required?

Naturally, this plugin requires SureCart, but other than that, nope! This is a standalone plugin that adds user switching capabilities within the SureCart interface.

Do you take feature requests?

Absolutely, we love hearing ideas from users, and are excited to continue adding more features to the plugin to enhance the experience and value for everyone. Please send us a message with your feature request!

Can I share a new SureCart addon idea?

Yes, please do! We are very interested and actively working on expanding our collection of SureCart addons, and would love to hear your ideas! We always try to determine if a feature will come to SureCart core, and only want to develop plugins that are unique and useful with features that are not available by default in SureCart. If your idea fits that criteria, please send us a message with your addon idea!

Have A Question?

If you have any presale questions or need support, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Don’t forget to review our documentation!