Discounts For SureCart

This plugin enables discount features on your SureCart store to schedule multiple product or storewide discounts, set percentage or fixed automatic discounts, display coupon codes on product pages, and display optional countdown timers.

Schedule Product Discounts  •  Place Coupon Banners  •  Display Countdown Timers

Overview Video

This video gives a full overview of what the plugin is and what it does. This is a great way to get familiar with the plugin and all of its features.

Hello, this is Nelson Miller, the creator of SurelyWP. I created the Discounts For SureCart addon so you can easily create product discounts, schedule coupons, set countdown timers, or even offer sitewide sales.

Benefits Of The Discounts For SureCart Plugin

Set Sitewide Or Specific Product Discounts

Enhance your online retail strategy with the ease of customizing discounts site-wide or for specific products, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness in your promotions for maximum impact.
How It Works: The Discounts For SureCart plugin allows you to set as many different discounts as you like, each with different criteria, which can be assigned to all products, specific products, or products within designated collections.

Automatic Or Coupon Code Discounts

Streamline your savings strategy with the choice between automatic discounts or coupon codes, offering you the flexibility to tailor your promotional approach to suit your unique business needs.
How It Works: The Discounts For SureCart plugin allows you to set automatic discounts for simple one-time priced products, displaying regular and discounted prices with a sale badge, or opt for coupon code discounts, featuring the unique ability to showcase coupon codes directly on product pages, allowing customers to apply discounts during checkout for any payment type in SureCart.

Schedule Discounts And Display Countdown Timers

Effortlessly schedule and add urgency to your discounts by setting specific start and end dates, and enhance customer engagement with a countdown timer for a heightened sense of urgency.
How It Works: The Discounts For SureCart plugin allows you to schedule both automatic or coupon code discounts with a starting and ending date/time, which includes the option to display a countdown timer that automatically counts down to the sale end date/time.

Add New Or Manage Existing Discounts

The first step in using our plugin is to add a new discount. You can set up multiple discounts if you want, which allows you to set up different products or preferences in each one. Just for some examples, you may have a sitewide percentage discount off all products, or you may want to display a coupon code to specific products. 

When you click on the settings tab, you will see the option to add a new discount. If you already have discounts set up on your site, they will display in a list here for you to edit or delete.

Choose Products For Discounts

Inside the actual discount, either when adding a new discount or editing an existing one, you will see settings to configure everything according to your references. The first section of the settings is all about choosing which products you want to be included for that particular discount.

Choose Products For Discounts

To start, you can choose which products should be included in the discount. You can choose all products, specific products, or products in specific collections.

Automatic Discount Type

This plugin includes two types of discount methods. The first is the automatic discount method, which is awesome for one-time payment options! This method will automatically change the price of the product based on the criteria you choose in the settings for a percentage of fixed-based discount. The way the plugin works, we actually create a new pricing option in the SureCart product backend, replacing the existing pricing option, as this is the only way to make it work, so just be aware there will appear to be a duplicate pricing option in the backend when an automatic discount is applied to a product.

*Payment Type Limitations

Due to limitations with the SureCart API, it is not possible for automatic discounts to work with subscription and installment payment types at this time. If it becomes possible in the future, we will add discount support for those payment types to our plugin.

Set the Discount Method to Automatic to be used for one-time payment types only.

Percentage Discount

Use the percentage discount option to calculate the discount amount as a percentage of the regular price.

Fixed Discount

Use the fixed discount option to deduct a specific amount off the regular price.

Coupon Code Discount Type

This plugin includes two types of discount methods. The second is the coupon code discount method, which is great because it can be used for any payment type in SureCart since that is handled by the native SureCart coupon feature. This means you can display a coupon code on SureCart product page for the customer to click-to-copy and apply as a promo code in the checkout.

Set the Discount Method to Coupon Code to be used for any payment types like one-time prices, subscription, and installments.

Coupon Settings

Since this feature simply displays a coupon code from native SureCart, you first need to create the coupon code. Go to SureCart>Coupons and create a new coupon code. Copy the text from the “Promotion Code” field and paste it into the input field in the discount settings. You can also customize the optional message that displays along with the coupon code, and choose where it should be located.

Use Shortcode To Display Coupon Discounts On Other Pages

This incredible feature enables you to build your own marketing landing pages or product pages and still display coupon discounts! This is an incredible bonus feature if you are not using the default SureCart product pages, but instead using other pages or post types to display your SureCart products

To do this, simply place the shortcode [surelywp_coupon_discount product_id= discount_id=] anywhere in your content. This shortcode will show any of the features related to the coupon code, including the custom message, countdown timer, and will show or hide based on the schedule.

This shortcode requires a product ID parameter if used on a page that is not the SureCart product page. To find the product ID, go to SureCart>Products and select the individual product. The product ID will be shown in the URL slug in your browser address bar, something like In this case, the product ID can be seen at the end of the URL clearly as 5420a0f8-06d0-491f-9fcf-987b838c406c.

The shortcode in this case requires the “product_id” parameter and looks like [surelywp_coupon_discount product_id=5420a0f8-06d0-491f-9fcf-987b838c406c discount_id=1].

Schedule Discounts

A great feature of this plugin is the ability to schedule discounts. This works for both automatic and coupon based discounts! This is an optional feature for any discount. 

You can select the start and end date and time, and the discount will apply, or the coupon will show, between the selected dates and times.

The scheduling feature works for automatic or coupon based discounts!

Display Countdown Timer

When the scheduling feature is enabled, you can also choose to display a countdown timer on the product page. The countdown timer will appear and begin counting down at the start date and time, and hide and stop counting down to the end date and time.

The countdown timer feature works for automatic or coupon based discounts!

You can even customize the message that appears before the countdown timer!

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We also have a sandbox site set up where you can explore all our addons!
(NOTE: Sandbox site is not available for the Email Reports For SureCart plugin due to the nature of the plugin as there is no reports for a sandbox site)


Are any other plugins required?

Naturally, this plugin requires SureCart, but other than that, nope! This is a standalone plugin that adds user switching capabilities within the SureCart interface.

Do you take feature requests?

Absolutely, we love hearing ideas from users, and are excited to continue adding more features to the plugin to enhance the experience and value for everyone. Please send us a message with your feature request!

Can I share a new SureCart addon idea?

Yes, please do! We are very interested and actively working on expanding our collection of SureCart addons, and would love to hear your ideas! We always try to determine if a feature will come to SureCart core, and only want to develop plugins that are unique and useful with features that are not available by default in SureCart. If your idea fits that criteria, please send us a message with your addon idea!

Have A Question?

If you have any presale questions or need support, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Don’t forget to review our documentation!