Services For SureCart

This plugin empowers you to sell services and custom deliverables with SureCart. Enjoy features like status and activity tracking, built-in messaging, and final delivery and approvals, all beautifully integrated directly into your website and customer dashboard.

Custom Deliverables  •  Order Messaging  •  Status Tracker & Activity

Overview Video

This video gives a full overview of what the plugin is and what it does. This is a great way to get familiar with the plugin and all of its features.

Hello, this is Nelson Miller, the creator of SurelyWP. I created the Services For SureCart addon so you can easily sell custom deliverables and services to your customers with seamless integration into SureCart.

Benefits Of The Services For SureCart Plugin

Collect Required Details And Track Activity

After a customer places an order with SureCart, you can gather essential project details to ensure smooth service delivery. From the customer dashboard, you can track all activities related to the service, from initial requirements and messages to delivery updates, ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the entire process.
How It Works: The Services For SureCart plugin enables you to set up custom fields, including text and file uploads, for each service type to collect requirements. Both the service provider and the customer can view a timeline of activity within the plugin’s interface, ensuring all necessary information is clearly visible to both parties for a successful project completion.

Send Messages, Set Due Date, And Share Files

Communicate effectively with customers by sending messages and sharing files directly through the customer dashboard. Additionally, a countdown timer is visible for the service providers to remind them of the due dates and ensure timely deliveries.
How It Works: The Services For SureCart plugin provides a handy messaging system for exchanging updates and files between the service provider and the customer. You can set default due dates for deliveries and easily keep track of progress, ensuring timely and organized communication.

Send Final Delivery And Get Approval

Deliver the finalize product and obtain customer approval, ensuring their satisfaction and the completion of services. Keep track of their approval status and automate order completion once the customer is satisfied.
How It Works: The Services For SureCart plugin allows you to send the final custom deliverables directly through the plugin's interface, streamlining your workflow. The customer can choose to approve the delivery or request revisions with our user-friendly prompts. Once a delivery is approved, the order will be marked completed!

Seamless SureCart Integration

Our Services For SureCart addon extends SureCart’s powerful e-commerce capabilities by seamlessly integrating custom deliverables and service management capabilities into SureCart. This integration allows you to offer services to your customers very much like Fiverr, with everything you need integrated directly into the familiar SureCart admin area and customer dashboard.

Utilize SureCart’s Product Pages

Leverage SureCart’s product pages to list and describe your services, as well as enable the service directly from the editing screen. Provide detailed descriptions, pricing, and essential information to make it easy for customers to understand and purchase your services.

Custom Order Statuses

Our plugin integrates directly with SureCart orders by adding new custom order statuses for each phase of the service process, such as “Waiting for Requirements” and “Work in Progress.”

Integrated Into SureCart Menus

Services are conveniently accessible within the SureCart menu and individual orders in the backend for service providers, and are prominently displayed in a custom tab in the customer dashboard on the frontend for customers.

Brand Color And Dark Mode Support

The services interface utilizes the brand color set in the SureCart settings for it’s accent color, providing a seamless experiences of the users. Our interface also supports the SureCart dark mode feature when using supported themes.

Key Features

Services Access By User Role

Control access to all the services features based on user roles, ensuring the service providers have the proper permissions.

Integrated Messaging System

Communicate directly with customers using our built-in messaging feature, keeping conversations in one place.

Easy File Sharing

Share files effortlessly and allow customers to preview them directly within SureCart for seamless collaboration.

Custom Requirement Details

Gather customization details for the order efficiently using custom text input and file upload fields for each service.

Contract Digital Signature

Include a written contract for your service and require a digital signature from the customer before starting work.

Approvals & Revisions System

Implement a robust approvals and revisions system to manage customer feedback and requests efficiently.

Settings & Preferences

Customize settings and preferences to configure the addon’s functionality to your specific business needs.

Email Notifications & Templates

Send automated email notifications with customizable templates to keep customers informed at every stage.

Alerts & Notifications

Display pending service alert notification badges for admins and Customer Dashboard notices for customers.

Order Activity Tracking

Track all order activities and updates in real-time, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.

Delivery Due Date

Set and manage delivery due dates to ensure timely completion and delivery of all service orders.

SureTriggers Integration

We are currently waiting on the SureTriggers team to finalize integration with our Services For SureCart addon!

Use Cases

  • Graphic Design Services: Offer custom logo design, business cards, brochures, and personalized graphic design projects.
  • Custom Deliverables: Enable customers to request personalized products and services, such as engraved items, customized texts, bespoke artwork, and tailored solutions to meet specific needs.
  • Writing and Translation Services: Provide content writing, copywriting, proofreading, and translation services for various languages.
  • Digital Marketing Services: Manage SEO optimization, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, and pay-per-click advertising.
  • Programming and Tech Services: Deliver website development, app development, bug fixing, and custom software solutions.
  • Video and Animation Services: Create explainer videos, animations, video editing, and personalized motion graphics.
  • Music and Audio Services: Offer services like audio editing, voiceovers, jingle creation, and custom podcast editing.
  • Business Consulting Services: Provide business planning, market research, financial consulting, and tailored business coaching.
  • Lifestyle and Wellness Services: Offer fitness coaching, nutrition advice, life coaching, and personalized meditation sessions.
  • Legal and Accounting Services: Deliver legal consulting, contract review, tax preparation, and custom bookkeeping services.
  • Photography and Editing Services: Provide professional photography, photo retouching, and personalized editing services.
  • Education and Tutoring Services: Offer tutoring in various subjects, online courses, and customized educational consulting.
  • Crafts and Handmade Goods: Create and sell custom handmade crafts, personalized gifts, and artisanal products with custom engravings or text.
  • Career and Resume Services: Provide resume writing, career coaching, and tailored interview preparation services.
  • Event Planning Services: Manage event planning, wedding coordination, and custom party organization services.
  • Virtual Assistance Services: Offer administrative support, data entry, customer service, and personalized scheduling assistance.

Admin Settings

1. Manage Or Add New Services

To get started with our plugin, begin by creating a new service. You can configure multiple services according to your needs with different associated SureCart products and different form fields for receiving the required customization details from the customer.

When you navigate to the “Services” tab under the SurelyWP Services For SureCart addon, you’ll find the option to create a new service. If you’ve already configured services on your site, they will be listed here for you to manage, edit, or remove as needed.

2. Add Title And Set The Status

Within the individual service interface, whether you’re creating a new one or modifying an existing one, you’ll find settings to tailor everything to your preferences. The initial sections focus on defining the service title and toggling its status between enabled and disabled.

3. Associate SureCart Products With Each Service

Our plugin integrates seamlessly with SureCart products. Each service configuration can be associated with any number of SureCart products, changing them into products as a service which customers can purchase to hire you for custom deliverables.

Assign Products To Services From The Individual Service Settings

To start, you can choose which products should be designated as services. You can choose all products, specific products, or products in specific collections.

Associate The Service From SureCart Product Pages

You can associate a product with a service directly from the SureCart product page! This convenient integration makes it super easy for you to set up the services for your products.

4. Enable Optional Contract And Digital Signature

The contract feature in Services for SureCart lets you choose whether customers must accept the contract details by signing their digital signature after purchasing a service. The contract feature is optional and can be enabled or disabled for each service configuration. When enabled, customers will be asked to sign the contract as the first step in the process before work begins on their order.

Full HTML Support

You can customize the contract details using HTML formatting to match your specific needs, whether that be headings, ordered lists, numbered lists, bold, italic, or other syntax. The HTML will be rendered in the customer view based on the website’s theme.

The contract details can be as long as needed, and a scrollbar will be automatically enabled for longer text when viewed by the customer.

When the contract feature is enabled for the service, it adds a new step in the status tracker for easy visual reference.

The other tabs which normally are visible here are hidden prior to signing the contract. This makes it clear that accepting the contact is the next step of the process without distractions.

After signing, it displays the signed contract within a new Contract tab with the customer’s signature.

5. Configure Fields For Requirement Details

Given the custom nature of services, it is crucial to gather the necessary details from the customer before starting work. These details could include basic questions, images, video or audio content, custom text for product personalization, links to example sites, file uploads, brand assets, favorite colors, and more. In the current version of the plugin, you can choose from text fields or file uploads, which should cover most scenarios.

Unique Requirement Fields For Each Service

You can configure all the necessary fields for the required details within each individual service, allowing you to ask specific questions and set up different fields for each type of service offered.

It is also optional to ask for requirements, as there may be cases where everything is already clear from the product page description or when additional details are not needed.

You can also choose to make the file upload requirement field optional. This is particularly useful in scenarios where the requested file is not relevant or just not needed, depending on the type of project. By default, this setting is enabled but can be disabled as needed.

Steps to Configure Fields:

Step 1: Choose Field Type
Select the type of field you need, such as a text field or file upload.

Step 2: Write Title Text
Provide a clear and concise title for the field that indicates what information is being requested.

Step 3: Write Description Text
Include a detailed description to guide the customer on what specific information or file is needed.

Here is how the requirements appear in the Customer Dashboard when viewing the service. A notice informs the customer of the next step, and the Requirements tab becomes active so the customer can provide the necessary details. After submitting the requirements, the details they provided will appear in the Requirements tab for both the service provider and the customer.

6. Configure General Settings

The general settings for the Services For SureCart addon provide global customization options for efficiently managing services. These settings include defining user roles and access to services in the backend, setting default delivery times, configuring reminders, automating order completion, and managing file uploads. These settings act as sitewide preferences, affecting all services on the site.

7. Customize The Email Notification Templates

The Services For SureCart addon includes email notifications for various activities, both for the service provider and the customer. Receiving these emails is crucial, as they keep both the service provider and the customer informed about important updates related to their service order.

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to customize the email templates for these notifications, giving you full control over the text and tone of the message. Within each email template, you can customize the email subject and the email body. You can also choose to disable the email notification as needed.

Email Templates

Admin Notification Emails

  • New Service Order
  • Service Requirements Received
  • New Message From Customer
  • Customer Requested Revisions
  • Delivery Approved By The Customer

Customer Notification Emails

  • Submit Service Requirements
  • Submit Service Requirements Reminder
  • New Message From Service Provider
  • Delivery Date Changed
  • Final Delivery

Dynamic Variables

The subject line and body text can be customized with dynamic variables, which will automatically insert real data such as the customer’s name, product name, order ID, service ID, service link, message content, or website name. You can freely update the text of the email templates according to your preference, but just be sure to include the variables.

8. Display The Services Anywhere

The Services For SureCart plugin adds a new tab to the SureCart Customer Dashboard by default. This is where the customer can find a list of all the services they have ordered, along with their associated order, product, status, date, and button to view details.

However, if you want to also show the services anywhere else, you have the freedom to do so with the WordPress Block or shortcode.

WordPress Block

With our dedicated SurelyWP Services WordPress Block, you can place the services list anywhere on your block-based website. A great use case for this is adding the services list to the main Dashboard tab of the SureCart Customer Dashboard along with the orders.


Additionally, you can use the [surelywp_customer_services title=”Services”] shortcode to embed the services list within any content area, making it compatible with any page builder. This flexibility ensures the services are accessible to customers wherever you need them to be.

More Features Coming Soon!

This plugin was just released on June 21, 2024, and we are already working on a long list of new features and improvements that customers have submitted. We love hearing your feedback and ideas, so send us a message with any questions or suggestions!

Choose Your Plan For The Services For SureCart Addon

Yearly - 1 Site

$49 Every Year
  • 1 Site License
  • 1 Year Of Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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Yearly - 5 Sites

$99 Every Year
  • 5 Site Licenses
  • 1 Year Of Support & Updates
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Yearly - Unlimited Sites

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We also have a sandbox site set up where you can explore all our addons!
(NOTE: Sandbox site is not available for the Email Reports For SureCart plugin due to the nature of the plugin as there is no reports for a sandbox site)

What People Are Saying

The SurelyWP Service plugin is EXACTLY what the development and graphic design world needed! Being able to have two-way communication and project delivery with clients directly through my website is heaven-sent. No more duct taping multiple plugins or platforms together to deliver and communicate on projects, this SureCart plugin by SurelyWP is all you need. Also, the team behind the plugin is amazing and listens to the end users when it comes to feature requests.

Bree Kemp

Project Manager, Developer, Cre8 Visions

I was honestly blown away when I saw what SurelyWP Services For Surecart could do! I have a Creative Lab on my site to sell graphic design services and my tagline is “Like Fiverr but with your own trusted designer.” I had attempted to patch together a mess of SureCart products and forms to try to make it feel like Fiverr… BUT IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT SURELYWP SERVICES DOES. I didn’t even think what Nelson and the team pulled off was possible…it truly feels like my own Fiverr and works so smoothly. It makes my Creative Lab feel so legitimate and professional. Even better, it streamlines my graphic design services so that my clients have a smooth process, and I can easily collect their project information ALL IN ONE PLACE. I don’t want to sound like I am exaggerating, but I sincerely think this might be one of the best tools I have come across in my entire career!
PS. Nelson and the team are super responsive and implemented a design change I requested in less than 24 hours! Unbelievable.
Darren Peel

Extraordinary Brands

As someone seeking a deliverables plugin for years, this one is incredible. Fast, smooth and integrates seamlessly with SureCart. The price is unbeatable too, a superior option for many creative professionals looking to manage their workflow and provide a professional customer experience.

Ethan Wanoreck

Graphic/Web Design, PIXIVAL


Are any other plugins required?

Naturally, this plugin requires SureCart, but other than that, nope! This is a standalone plugin that adds user switching capabilities within the SureCart interface.

Do you take feature requests?

Absolutely, we love hearing ideas from users, and are excited to continue adding more features to the plugin to enhance the experience and value for everyone. Please send us a message with your feature request!

Can I share a new SureCart addon idea?

Yes, please do! We are very interested and actively working on expanding our collection of SureCart addons, and would love to hear your ideas! We always try to determine if a feature will come to SureCart core, and only want to develop plugins that are unique and useful with features that are not available by default in SureCart. If your idea fits that criteria, please send us a message with your addon idea!

Have A Question?

If you have any presale questions or need support, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Don’t forget to review our documentation!