Wishlist For SureCart

This plugin enables your SureCart store customers to add products to a wishlist, add products to the cart from the wishlist, share their wishlist on social media, and receive emails about their saved items.

Add Products To Wishlist  •  Receive Wishlist Reminder Emails  •  Share Wishlist With Others

Hello, this is Nelson Miller, the creator of SurelyWP. I created the Wishlist For SureCart addon so you can easily enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty in your SureCart store.

Benefits Of The Wishlist For SureCart Plugin

Collect What You Love

A wishlist allows your potential customers to collect your favorite products in one place, even if they are not quite ready to make the purchase. It’s their personalized corner to save items that resonate with them.
How It Works: The Wishlist For SureCart plugin enables your customers to easily revisit products they’re interested in without the need to search through the entire catalog.

Smart Shopping

Give your customers the ability to keep your eye on your products they love without by saving products they’re considering to their wishlist where they can revisit them later when you’re ready to decide.
How It Works: The Wishlist For SureCart plugin enables your customers to monitor items they’re interested in and stay updated with automated emails on product availability and prices.

Effortless Sharing

Encourage your customers to share their wishlist with family and friends, making it simple for them to choose the perfect gift on special occasions. No more guessing games—the wishlist ensures they get it just right.
How It Works: The Wishlist For SureCart plugin enables your customers to share their wishlist to their preferred social platforms and showcase your wishlist to friends, family, and followers.

1. Add To Wishlist Product Page Features

The Wishlist For SureCart plugin includes tons of features and customization options for adding products to the wishlist, including position options for the default SureCart product pages and a shortcode option for other pages. We also provide extensive text customizion for notifications, messages and links that show when a product is already in the wishlist.

Show Add To Wishlist Button On SureCart Product Pages

Enhance your ecommerce store by adding an Add To Wishlist button on each of the SureCart product pages!

Choose “Add To Wishlist” Location On Default SureCart Product Pages

If you are using the default product pages created by SureCart, you can use the settings to choose the position of the wishlist features in relation to other product page content like title, price, description, and add to cart button.

  • After Price
  • After Title
  • After Description
  • After Add To Cart Button

Use Shortcode To Display “Add To Wishlist” Button For Other Product Pages

If you are not using the default SureCart product pages, but instead using other pages or post types to display your SureCart products, you can place the shortcode [surelywp_add_to_wishlist] anywhere in your content. However, keep in mind this shortcode will require a product ID parameter if used on a page that is not the SureCart product page. To find the product ID, go to SureCart>Products and select the individual product. The product ID will be shown in the URL slug in your browser address bar, which can be seen at the end of the URL. The shortcode in this case requires the “product_id” parameter and looks like [surelywp_add_to_wishlist product_id=xxx].

Choose Options After Product Is Added

Choose your preferred message and link options when viewing a product that is already added to the wishlist:

Show “View Wishlist” Link

Show “Remove From Wishlist” Link

Show Both “View Wishlist” Link And “Remove From Wishlist” Link

Customize The Text

Easily write your own text to customize the wording and terminology according to your preferences!

2. Wishlist Page Features

Add Product To Cart From The Wishlist Page

One of the goals of a wishlist is to allow customers to save items to their wishlist to buy later. When viewing their wishlist, customers can easily add any product to their cart and proceed to the checkout!

Share Your Wishlist On Social Media Or By URL

Easily share your wishlist on social media or by copying the URL to let your friends and family know which items are your favorite for those special occasions and gift buying seasons.

Remove Products From Wishlist

If you are no longer interested in an item, simply click the trash icon to remove it from the wishlist.

Click To View Products

Easily view the full details of a product on it’s main product page by clicking on the product name.

Check Important Product Details

Quickly see the essential product details like the current price and whether it is in stock or not.

3. Email Features

The Wishlist For SureCart plugin provides several email options which can send to customers automatically based on certain criteria. You can customize the email subject and body text. Each of these can be enabled or disabled, so be sure to check this when setting up the plugin.

Wishlist Reminder Email

Send a reminder after a specific number of days to anyone who has added an item to the wishlist. Easily customize the email subject and body, and use variables to show dynamic data such as the product names and links.

Product Price Change Email

Notify potentials customers any time the price of a product in their wishlist is changed to a lower price in hopes they will purchase the product. The subject and body text can be fully customized, and variables are used to show the product name, link, old price, and new price.

Choose Your Plan For The Wishlist For SureCart Addon

Yearly - 1 Site

$9 Every Year
  • 1 Site License
  • 1 Year Of Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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Yearly - 5 Sites

$19 Every Year
  • 5 Site Licenses
  • 1 Year Of Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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Yearly - Unlimited Sites

$29 Every Year
  • Unlimited Site Licenses
  • 1 year Of Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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Lifetime - 1 Site

$29 Lifetime
  • 1 Site License
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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Lifetime - 5 Sites

$59 Lifetime
  • 5 Site Licenses
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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Lifetime - Unlimited Sites

$89 Lifetime
  • Unlimited Site Licenses
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Email Support
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We also have a sandbox site set up where you can explore all our addons!
(NOTE: Sandbox site is not available for the Email Reports For SureCart plugin due to the nature of the plugin as there is no reports for a sandbox site)


Are any other plugins required?

Naturally, this plugin requires SureCart, but other than that, nope! This is a standalone plugin that adds wishlist capabilities to your SureCart products.

Do you take feature requests?

Absolutely, we love hearing ideas from users, and are excited to continue adding more features to the plugin to enhance the experience and value for everyone. Please send us a message with your feature request!

Can I share a new SureCart addon idea?

Yes, please do! We are very interested and actively working on expanding our collection of SureCart addons, and would love to hear your ideas! We always try to determine if a feature will come to SureCart core, and only want to develop plugins that are unique and useful with features that are not available by default in SureCart. If your idea fits that criteria, please send us a message with your addon idea!

Have A Question?

If you have any presale questions or need support, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Don’t forget to review our documentation!