How To Issue A Partial Refund With SureCart

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In this tutorial I will explain how partial refunds work in SureCart using a real example with screenshots from my own store and hopefully answer any questions you have if you are faced with this. 


As a SureCart store owner, you’ll inevitably encounter situations requiring refunds for orders. Whether due to customer dissatisfaction, product availability, or other reasons, issuing refunds is a fundamental aspect of maintaining customer satisfaction and running a successful business. While SureCart’s documentation explains refunds well, it doesn’t go into detail about what happens in a specific scenario: issuing partial refunds. In this quick tutorial, I will explain how partial refunds work in SureCart using a real example with screenshots from my own store and hopefully answer any questions you have if you are faced with this. 

Issuing A Refund In SureCart

The detailed process of issuing a refund for an order with SureCart is covered in their Refund An Order documentation in their knowledge base. Rather than go over all the steps again in detail here, I’ll just provide a quick summary of the steps outlined in their documentation:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress website dashboard to SureCart>Orders.
  2. Locate the order for which you need to issue a refund.
  3. Within the order details page, find and click on the “Refund” button to begin the refund process.
  4. Select the desired refund method.
  5. Specify the amount to be refunded. This can be either the full amount or a partial refund.
  6. Review the refund details to ensure accuracy, then confirm and process the refund.
  7. Optionally, notify the customer about the refund, providing any necessary details or explanations.

What Happens When You Issue A Partial Refund In SureCart

How I Issued The Partial Refund

The main question I wanted to address here is what happens when the amount you enter for the refund is not the full amount. I faced this issue recently on our WP Inbox store, as a customer completed a purchase but forgot to enter a 20% off discount code that they had. I wanted to honor the same total price they would pay if they had used the discount code, so I handled this by issuing a partial refund. To do this, I simply calculated 20% of the total they paid, and entered that number for the refund. At that time, it was not clear to me what would happen. I didn’t want the subscription to be cancelled automatically, and I didn’t want them to lose any access to their downloads or license keys.

Unsure About What Revoke Purchase Meant

I noticed in the SureCart documentation that it mentions an option to “Revoke Purchase(s)” and that this is important. However, I was not sure what it would revoke or what the “purchase” meant exactly. In this case, I did not want to revoke anything, but simply wanted to send a partial refund. It was not clear to me what revoking a purchase meant in relation to the subscription, downloads, and license keys.

What Happened Next

Thankfully, everything worked as I wanted. Here is what I noticed:

1. The order remained “Paid”

2. The order status remained “Fullfilled”

3. The charge status changed from “Paid” to “Partially Refunded”

4. The amount stayed the same but added the refunded amount in red below it

5. The total remained the full price in the Orders list

6. The refunded amount and status of “Succeeded” showed in the Refunds section of the order details

How It Looks From The Customer View

To verify this, I used our handy User Switching For SureCart plugin to view the customer dashboard from the perspective of the customer.

User Switching For SureCart

Temporarily switch to another user for testing and troubleshooting!

Go to the Settings in the User Switching For SureCart and enabled the setting to add a user switching button to the orders page.

Next I went to the Orders list and selected the order. This brings up the order details. You can see a new “Switch To User” button has been added to the Customer section. By clicking on this, it takes me to the Customer Dashboard and allows me to view it the same way as the customer would see it.

The first thing I noticed from the dashboard was that the order history showed “Partially Refunded” on the order.

From the Orders tab, I clicked on the order to reveal the details. Here I noticed a new line at the bottom for the “Amount Paid” which was the adjusted amount after the partial refund. 


In summary, you can easily issue partial order refunds in SureCart without worrying about what it will affect. By NOT selecting the “Revoke Purchase” option, everything remains intact, including the order status, subscription, downloads, and license keys.

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