How To Schedule A Product Discount Sale In SureCart

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In this tutorial I show you how to schedule a product discount sale in SureCart using our Discounts for SureCart addon.


Whether you’re running a quick flash sale, holiday promotion, or seasonal discount, scheduling discounts and sales on your SureCart store automatically rather than changing the price manually can be a huge help to busy store owners. At the time of this writing, SureCart does not have any feature to schedule a product discount or sale. While no one knows what is planned in the core, we are excited to offer our own solution with our Discounts For SureCart addonIn this quick tutorial, I will show you how to schedule a product discount sale in SureCart.

1. Configure The Discounts For SureCart Addon

To begin, you will need to have products added in SureCart and have Discounts For SureCart addon installed. 

Discounts For SureCart

Enable helpful discount features on your SureCart store!

1. Add New Discount

From the plugin settings, click to add a new discount.

2. Name & Enable The Discount

Give the discount a name and enable it. You can use any name you want, such as the name of the sale you are running for easy reference.

3. Select Products For Discount

Select which products you want the discount to apply to, either by choosing specific products, products in a specific collection, or all products.

4. Choose Discount Method

Choose which type of discount you want to schedule. Since there are limitations with the SureCart API, a 3rd party plugin like ours can only change the prices and add the discount automatically for one-time prices. For subscriptions, you will need to use the coupon method which also has some cool features.

Automatic Method

With the automatic method, you can choose to take the discount from the regular prices or the compare price. You can choose whether to take a percentage discount, or a fixed discount, and enter their respective values. This method will automatically change the price displayed on the SureCart product page.

Coupon Method

With the coupon method, you first need to create the coupon code in SureCart, then paste that code into the field in our addon settings. This coupon will display as a clickable code on the frontend of the product page. You can also choose to show a custom message, which can be handy to give directions to the customer about the coupon and how to apply it. You can also choose where the coupon code and message should display within the product page in relation to the other elements. We also have a great shortcode solution for page builders, allowing you to place the coupon code and message anywhere within the product page!

5. Schedule The Discount

For either discount method, the cool part about our plugin is that it allows you to schedule the discount in advanced. You can set the start date and time, as well as the end date and time. We hope you enjoy this exciting feature!

6. Display A Discount Countdown Timer

One more great feature of the Discounts For SureCart plugin is the option to display a countdown timer on your product pages. This once again allows you to choose where the countdown timer should display on the product page in relation to the other elements. We even offer the ability to customize the text that display before the countdown timer numbers. 

Here’s how this looks on the frontend, giving a sense of urgency and letting the customer know the sale won’t last long, and they should purchase now to benefit from the discount.


In summary, the only way to schedule discounts in SureCart is with the Discounts For SureCart addon by SurelyWP. This addon offers great features to set automatic or coupon code discounts, schedule the start and end date and time, and even display a countdown timer. We hope you enjoy!

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