Introducing The Catalog Mode For SureCart Addon By SurelyWP

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Turn your SureCart store into a browse-only online catalog by disabling purchase buttons and prices, adding an inquiry button with a redirect or popup form, and redirecting the checkout page to another page.


In today’s digital age, online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. Whether you’re a business owner or a consumer, e-commerce platforms play a significant role in how we buy and sell products. If you’re using SureCart for your online store, you’re already on the right track. But as you know, they do not have a catalog mode feature.

I’m excited to introduce our new plugin, Catalog Mode For SureCart! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the plugin and explore how it can benefit you in various scenarios as part of your SureCart store.

Catalog Mode: What is it?

Before we dive into the details, let’s first understand what catalog mode is all about. Catalog mode is a feature designed to enhance the shopping experience for both customers and store owners. It essentially transforms your online store into a product showcase, allowing visitors to browse and view products without making direct purchases. There are a number of benefits to this depending on the business type or other situations, which we will explore below.

Main Plugin Features

  • Enable catalog mode for all products, specific products, or products in specific product collections.
  • Redirect the SureCart checkout page to a page of your choice containing either our default inquiry form or your own contact form.
  • Show or hide the SureCart product price, pricing options, quantity selector, and add to cart and buy now buttons.
  • Show an inquiry button, customize the button text, and choose the button location after the price, pricing options, title, description, quantity selector, or add to cart and buy now buttons. Choose whether the button opens a popup contact form or links to another page.
  • Enable a popup inquiry form on each product page. Write your own heading text, and either use the default inquiry form or add a shortcode from another form plugin.
  • Show a custom message, write your own message text, and choose the button location after the price, pricing options, title, description, quantity selector, or add to cart and buy now buttons.
  • Configure the default inquiry form fields. Choose to show the product name field, and use an ID to automatically populate the product name field with the current product. Enable or disable the name, email, subject, and message fields, and choose whether each is required.
  • Customize the inquiry email template with a custom email subject and body, and use variables to dynamically populate the site name, product name, and more.

User Interface

The screenshot below shows the main settings interface in the Catalog Mode For SureCart plugin. This is a unified interface used in each of our SurelyWP addons, which integrate seamlessly, so you can switch from one to another when more than one of our other plugins is installed.

Please visit the product page to learn more about how the plugin works and explore the features and settings.

Benefits Of Using Catalog Mode

Showcase Your Products Like A Catalog

This plugin empowers your business to put your product catalog on full display for customers to browse through detailed product descriptions, captivating images, and pricing information. This enables them to explore the products you are offering, even when the purchase options are removed. The plugin offers a convenient contact button on the product pages for customers to easily ask the store owner questions using a built-in popup inquiry form.

Remove Payment Processing Distractions

Catalog mode give your customers the opportunity to explore your product offerings without the usual cart and checkout distractions. Take advantage of the cart redirect feature to send customers to an inquiry form instead of the checkout. This is especially beneficial when you want customers to simply contact you first, or when you want to continue displaying your products if they are unavailable or to highlight new arrivals before they are ready to purchase.

Offline Sales

Catalog mode proves to be a valuable asset for businesses dealing with offline sales. This enables a seamless experience by presenting your product catalog for customers to browse and view detailed information while taking offline orders or orders over the phone. You can use the plugin features to hide the purchase and add to cart buttons and provide a message with instructions or a prompt to call.

Inventory Management

Catalog mode can be a practical tool for inventory management in dynamic market conditions. If a product is not available to purchase or ship, you can maintain transparency by showcasing product details while showing a custom message with our plugin. This keeps your customers informed about product availability, delivery times, and any disruptions in the supply chain. 

Wholesale Sales

Catalog mode is a popular choice for wholesale e-commerce stores. It serves as a way for businesses to showcase their extensive product catalog to potential wholesale buyers while hiding the normal prices that may be different for larger quantities. You can hide the add to cart buttons and direct customers to a popup inquiry form to request bulk order quotes.

B2B Sales

Catalog mode is an essential feature for business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce stores to present their products to other businesses but without specific information that consumers would normally see. The features in our plugin help achieve the usual B2B purchasing process, where clients often require tailored quotes, negotiate pricing, or place bulk orders offline. 

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