Introducing The Discounts For SureCart Addon By SurelyWP

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Easily create SureCart product discounts, schedule coupons, set countdown timers, or even offer sitewide sales.


SureCart is an amazing e-commerce platform for WordPress, but it does have some limitations. One area SureCart is lacking is in the ability to set product or storewide discounts. In a market driven by price sensitivity and value, customers have come to expect discounts and sales with a seamless browsing and checkout experience. To create this, store owners need helpful tools that allow you to easily create product discounts, schedule coupons, set countdown timers, or even offer sitewide sales.

For these reasons, I am thrilled to introduce our new plugin, Discounts For SureCart! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the plugin the settings and features and explore how you can use this in your SureCart store. 

Features Overview

Everyone Benefits

Our discount plugin for SureCart is designed to empower online retailers and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Since it benefits both store owners and shoppers, it is a win-win for everyone!

Choose Which Products To Discount

With this plugin, you have the freedom to set discounts for all products, specific products, or products within designated collections. You can create as many different discounts as you like, setting different criteria for each set of products.

Automatic Discounts

For simple one-time priced products, we are able to use the SureCart API to set a discounted price. This means you will have the expected regular price strike-through, the discounted sale price, and a sale badge. These discounts can be set as percentage or fixed discounts. Due to limitations with their API, it is not possible to work with subscription and installment payment types at this time. If it becomes possible in the future, we will add discount support for those payment types to our plugin.

Coupon Code Discounts

The Discounts For SureCart addon comes with the unique feature to display coupon codes directly on product pages. First, you set up the coupon in the Native SureCart interface. Then you copy and paste the coupon code into the discount settings, and it will appear on the frontend of the selected products with a message. Customers can then copy and apply the coupon code as a discount during their checkout process. Keep in mind, the coupon code can be used for any payment type in SureCart since that is handled by the native SureCart coupon feature.

Schedule And Countdown Timer

Each of the discount methods, automatic or coupon, can also be scheduled. Now you can run sales and promotions within a specific date range. Our settings enable you to specify the start and end dates of the discount. To make it even better, we include the option for displaying a countdown timer for urgency.

User Interface

Last but not least, this plugin uses the same user-friendly interface found in our other SurelyWP addons, ensuring that even those with limited technical expertise can easily navigate and implement discounts.

Main Plugin Features

  • Choose to set discounts for all products, specific products, or products in specific product collections
  • Create multiple discounts assigned to different products with different discount criteria
  • Add an administrative title for each discount for easy organization
  • Choose the discount method as automatic (one-time prices only) or as coupon codes (any pricing option)
  • Create automatic discounts on one-time prices by showing a strike through on the original price, showing the discounted sale price, and displaying a sale badge
  • Choose the calculation type as percentage discount or fixed discount
  • Schedule automatic or coupon code discounts with a starting and ending date/time
  • Display a countdown timer that automatically counts down to the sale end date/time
  • Write a custom text for the countdown timer message
  • Show an alert notice on discounted product pages with a coupon code which can be copied and applied as a discount in the checkout
  • Display a custom message with the coupon code to give instructions about using the coupon code
  • Choose the coupon/message location after the price, pricing options, title, description, quantity selector, or add to cart and buy now buttons.
  • Use a shortcode for the coupon discount option when using any other page as your product or marketing landing page

User Interface

The screenshot below shows the main settings interface in the Discounts For SureCart plugin. This is a unified interface used in each of our SurelyWP addons, which integrate seamlessly, so you can switch from one to another when more than one of our other plugins is installed.

Please visit the product page to learn more about how the plugin works and explore the features and settings.

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