Introducing The Services For SureCart Addon By SurelyWP

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This plugin empowers you to sell services and custom deliverables with SureCart. Enjoy features like status and activity tracking, built-in messaging, and final delivery and approvals, all beautifully integrated directly into your website and customer dashboard.


SureCart provides a strong foundation for ecommerce, and is becoming a popular choice for WordPress users. To further empower store owners and expand the capabilities of SureCart, we’re excited to introduce our Services For SureCart addon.

This innovative plugin expands the platform’s functionality and empowers store owners to sell services and custom deliverables using SureCart. Whether you offer consulting, customized products, or online services, our addon equips you with the tools needed to manage and deliver services efficiently within the SureCart ecosystem.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a brief introduction to the plugin’s settings and features and explore how you can leverage SureCart’s existing infrastructure to offer services to your customers.

Services For SureCart

Sell services and custom deliverables with SureCart!

Main Plugin Features

  • Integration with SureCart for seamless service management
  • Create multiple services, each with their own customizable configuration and requirement form fields
  • Associate SureCart products to each service by selecting all products, specific products, or products in specific collections
  • Customize the title of each service for internal reference
  • Enable or disable each service based on your operational needs
  • Redirect customer to the service after checkout
  • Set a custom starting service ID number
  • Manually mark services as started if customer shares requirement details externally
  • Require digital signature for contract details before starting work
  • Gather customer details efficiently using custom text input and file upload fields tailored to each service
  • Customize service settings and preferences to align with your business requirements
  • Provide clear guidance to customers with titles and descriptions for each requirement field to help them understand what specific information or files are needed
  • Control access to service features in the backend by assigning permissions based on user roles
  • Set default delivery due dates for service orders to manage timelines effectively
  • Implement custom order statuses such as “Waiting for Requirements” and “Work in Progress” to track service progress
  • Customize email notification templates with personalized text and dynamic variables to enhance communication
  • Utilize a messaging system within SureCart for direct communication between service providers and customers
  • Facilitate easy file sharing features between service providers and customers
  • Configure reminders and automatic order completion settings to streamline operational workflows
  • Display product details and order details on the individual service for easy reference
  • Manage client feedback effectively for the final delivery with an approval and revisions system
  • Display pending alert notification badges in the menu for admins and customers
    Display pending services notice in the Customer Dashboard with custom Block and shortcode
  • Display list of customer services with a custom Block or shortcode
  • Display associated services in the SureCart Customer profile

User Interface

The screenshot below shows an example of the backend of an individual service order from the service provider’s perspective:

The next screenshot shows the opposite view of the same individual service order, but from the customer perspective, in the SureCart Customer Dashboard:

And of course there are many more screenshots to see, so please visit the product page to see more and explore all the features and settings to learn how the plugin works.

As for the admin settings, all of our SurelyWP plugins use the same unified interface, which integrate seamlessly with each other, allowing you to easily switch from one to another when more than one of our other SurelyWP plugins are installed.

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