Wanted: SureCart How-To Guide Writer And Product Expert

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SurelyWP is seeking to work with someone who is very familiar with SureCart to write how-to guides and product tutorials for our addons.

Hey there! Are you a wizard with SureCart products? Do you know them inside out? If you’re nodding, read on, because we’ve got a cool gig for you!

What You’ll Do:

  • Craft Kickass How-To Guides: You’ll be the brains behind creating super informative and easy-to-follow how-to guides for both using SureCart and using our SureCart addons. From plugin integration to customization, you’ll be the guide guru behind the scenes making it all happen.
  • Spread Wisdom in the Facebook Jungle: You’ll hang out in the SureCart Facebook group, helping out fellow users, sharing our how-to guides in answer to specific questions, and keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s cooking in the community.
  • Stay in the Loop: Keeping up with the latest in SureCart is your jam. You’ll be all eyes and ears on the product changelog, making sure your guides are fresher than fresh.
  • Add a Dash of Style: Got a knack for making things look pretty? You’ll sprinkle your frontend development skills to guide users on how to customize and style SureCart related features like a pro.

Who You Are:

  • SureCart Superfan: You’re like the SureCart encyclopedia. You’ve tinkered, tweaked, and tested, and you know these products like the back of your hand.

  • Facebook Group Fanatic: You actively check the SureCrafted Facebook group every day. You love helping out and being a part of the community.

  • Changelog Champ: When the SureCart changelog drops, you’re on it. You love knowing what’s new and sharing the excitement.

  • Styling Whiz: Shadow DOMs and CSS make you smile (at least you want to help people smile about them). You can guide users through customization and styling with ease.

  • Wordsmith Extraordinaire: Your writing skills are top-notch. You can explain even the trickiest of things in a simple, engaging way.


  • This will be a contract position. Pay will vary on many factors.
  • We will work together at first, and we will handle posting the guides, but there will be plenty of opportunity to become content manager as we get familiar with the process and what is required while working together.
  • We will work together in Basecamp and/or Google Chat. We will brainstorm tutorial ideas and work on crafting them.
  • The goal is to bring traffic to our SurelyWP website to promote our addons while providing helpful free resources.
  • Many well cropped, annotated, and optimized screenshots will be required for all guides.
  • The goal is to create companion videos for each written guide. Let us know if recording and editing is something you are interested in doing. If not, we will use the written guide as the video script and someone else will handle the video.

Ready To Join?

If you’re nodding like crazy and can’t wait to jump on board, we’d love to hear from you! Shoot us a message via our contact form, introduce yourself, and a share a quick note about why you’re excited about this gig.

Let’s build the best SureCart addon and resource brand together! 🚀

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