Services For SureCart 1.1: New Contract, Digital Signature, Block, Shortcode, Dark Mode, And Branding Features!

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We are thrilled to announce the release of version 1.1 of Services for SureCart! This update includes exciting new features and improvements that we know you'll love:

Services For SureCart

Sell services and custom deliverables with SureCart!

New Contract Feature

Digital Signature Requirement:

You can now enable a contract feature that requires customers to provide a digital signature before proceeding with the work. This step occurs before the Requirements section, ensuring it is completed before moving on to the next steps.

The Contract feature is located within each of the services in the SureWP settings. This feature is optional and disabled by default.

You can customize the contract details using HTML formatting to match your specific needs, whether that be headings, ordered lists, numbered lists, bold, italic, or other syntax. The HTML will be rendered on in the customer view based on the website’s theme.

The contract details can be as long as needed, and a scrollbar will be automatically enabled for longer text when viewed by the customer.

When the contract feature is enabled for the service, it adds a new option in the status tracker.

The other tabs which normally are visible here are hidden prior to signing the contract. This makes it clear that accepting the contact is the next step of the process without distractions.

After signing, it displays the signed contract within a new Contract tab with the customer’s signature.

New Service List

The Services For SureCart plugin adds a new tab to the SureCart Customer Dashboard by default. This is where the customer can find a list of all the services they have ordered, along with their associated order, product, status, date, and button to view details.

However, if you want to also show the services anywhere else, you now have the freedom to do so with the WordPress Block or shortcode included in version 1.1.

WordPress Block

With our dedicated SurelyWP Services WordPress Block, you can place the services list anywhere on your block-based website. A great use case for this is adding the services list to the main Dashboard tab of the SureCart Customer Dashboard along with the orders.


Additionally, you can use the [surelywp_customer_services title=”Services”] shortcode to embed the services list within any content area, making it compatible with any page builder. This flexibility ensures the services are accessible to customers wherever you need them to be.

Additional Improvements

Brand Color Support

The brand color set in SureCart settings now replaces the blue throughout our services interface.

Dark Mode Support

Our interface now fully supports SureCart’s beta dark mode feature (for supported themes).

Terminology Updates

We changed “service provider” to “we” in the notice to the customer about proving the requirement.

More Features Coming Soon

Our goal is to release frequent updates to deliver all the new features and feedback we have received from you as soon as they are completed. There are many more things coming soon, but we wanted to get these valuable features into your hands right away.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Services for SureCart!

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