Support Policy

Here at SurelyWP, we are committed to our products and to our customers. We make every effort to reply quickly and provide professional and personal service. In order to receive technical support, we strongly recommend getting acquainted with our support policy outlined below so that you understand how we can serve you better. The purpose of this policy is to lay out some basic expectations and provide instructions on how to get support.

We hope you will have peace that we stand behind our products, and we will be here to help and support our customers, even while WordPress and SureCart are rapidly evolving. 

Keep in mind, only customers with an active subscription will be able to use the plugins and receive support, so if your license is expired and inactive, you would need to renew your subscription to receive support.

How To Ask For Support

1. Check The Documentation First

We are happy to help you with anything you need related to our products. If there is any issue or concern with your product, please browse the documentation first to see if we have something that addresses it. It is natural to tend to bypass the documentation and go directly to the contact form, but it actually saves both of us time if you at least check it first.

If you have a question not covered in the documentation, or if you face any technical issue, please proceed to step #2.

2. Try To Narrow The Issue Down To Our Product

Obviously with software, WordPress, SureCart, plugins, etc. there are going to be lots of moving parts that require our attention. If possible, try to narrow the issue down and be at least half suspicious that it could be due to our product. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you face a technical issue:

Is the question or issue related to WordPress or your hosting server?
If you think or suspect the answer is yes, please contact your hosting provider for help.

Is the question or issue related to SureCart?
If you think or suspect the answer is yes, please be sure to check the SureCart knowledge base or contact SureCart support.

Is the question or issue related to our product?
If you think or suspect the answer is yes, then please proceed to step #3.

3. Understand Limitations

Customization Is Not Support

We are very eager to help solve any technical problems with our product. We also are very active helping people in the SureCart community with our tutorials and free advice. However, there is a fine line between support and customization that needs to be mentioned. This is usually not an issue, but occasionally we get asked about things that are clearly beyond product support. Don’t get us wrong, we love to help! But we don’t provide for our family by working for free, so in these situations we will kindly let you know, and just ask you to be mindful if what you are asking is customization or an actual technical issue with our product.

We Cannot Access Local Servers

If you are working on a local server, most likely we will not be able to help you until the site is on a live server where we can access it, since almost all technical support queries require at least visiting the website to replicate the issue and check the code and browser console for errors.

Coming Soon Or Password-Protected Sites

If your site has coming soon mode enabled, the only way to access the site is by logging in with a user account (see below).

If the frontend of your site or page is password protected, please provide the credentials to bypass that so that we can at least access the frontend site for basic troubleshooting.

Login Access May Be Required

Due to the nature of millions of possible scenarios of different code, plugins, themes, servers, caching, versions, and so much more in WordPress, there are many issues that only happen on your website that we cannot replicate on our own websites. In these situations, we will ask you to provide login access to your site so that we can investigate it and get it resolved. If this is required, will provide instructions about how to create a support user account for us.

4. Send Us A Message

After checking the information on this page, and realizing the issue is within the scope of the SurelyWP support policy, please go to our contact page and select the “Technical Support” tab, and we will be happy to help get this resolved for you! While completing the form, keep the items from step #5 in mind.

5. Provide Enough Relevant Details

Often we receive questions like “my plugin isn’t working.” This is fine, but it means we will need several more back-and-forth emails just to understand the issue. Here are some tips to help us help you faster:

  • Try to describe the issue as best you can while using correct terminology.
  • Describe the steps you took prior to noticing the issue so that we can try to replicate it with the same steps.
  • Provide the direct URL link to the page. This is always needed, and can be super helpful to solve problems just by going to your site and personally replicating the issue on the frontend and by using the browser developer tools to inspect the code or check for errors in the console.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words in tech support, so be sure to share screenshots when prompted to upload files in the contact form!
  • A screen recording is super helpful to quickly show us the entire context and avoid a lot of back and forth. We would love if you could please record your screen using a tool such as and then share the video link with us. (With a tool like Loom you do not actually send any video file, but instead just copy and share the video link after recording.) Try to show us a summary of the full context like the settings you are using, the backend of the builder, and what happens on the frontend.
  • Share the current version number of the product you have installed. We want to make sure you are on the latest version of our plugins, as sometimes there are updates that are already released that solve known issue that were reported and already fixed.
  • Many issues require us to access your site to investigate and troubleshoot the issue properly. If you know or think this will be needed, you can follow these instructions to create temporary website access.

6. Be Nice About It

We appreciate those who ask questions in kindness and treat us like real human beings. If there is a problem with one of our products, let me assure you we did not do it on purpose just to annoy you. We obviously do not want there to be any issues with our products. If you notice a problem with one of our products, it helps every user if you report those to us. The best way to approach us with a support request is to present the issue you are facing as a question. Remember, we do care about you, and want to help!