Understanding The Difference Between SureCart Upsells vs. Order Bumps

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Learn the difference between the SureCart Order Bumps and Upsells features with real-life examples of how to use these features to boost your sales.


The SureCart e-commerce platform continues to evolve, as their team adds more and more features to make selling on WordPress easy. But with all the great features, it can be confusing to know which ones to use in difference situations. In this guide, we will explain the difference between the SureCart Upsells and Order Bumps features, along with some examples to help make it clear which ones to use to increase sales on your store.

Order Bumps

What Are SureCart Order Bumps

Order Bumps are product offers presented to customers during the checkout process in addition to the product they originally intended to purchase. Similar to those tempting treats near the cashier in a grocery store, Order Bumps entice customers to quickly and conveniently add additional items to their order. The SureCart plugin makes it easy for store admins to set up which products to present to customers related to their main purchase, and makes it super easy for customers to add more items to their order with just one click.

Order Bump Examples:

Imagine you are purchasing a new laptop online. As you are checking out with your chosen laptop, you notice a small checkbox offering a discounted laptop case and mouse bundle. This bundle is related to your main purchase and is conveniently presented during the checkout process. By simply ticking the checkbox, you can add these additional items to your cart without navigating away from the checkout page.

As another example, if you add our Lead Magnets For SureCart plugin to the cart, we can upsell you another product as well to add to the cart with one click, and even offer that second product at a discount.

Key Features Of SureCart Order Bumps:

  • Presented during the checkout process: Order Bumps are displayed on the checkout page. They are strategically presented to customers as they proceed through the checkout process, providing them with opportunities to add related items to their purchase before completing the transaction.
  • Customization: Merchants can customize and set up order bump offers to suggest related products of your choice, adding conditions for when the offer should show, whether a discount should be applied, where it should be placed in the checkout form, etc.
  • Encourage impulse purchases: Order Bumps aim to capture impulse purchases by suggesting additional items that complement the main purchase, increasing the average order value effortlessly.

Please refer to the SureCart Order Bumps documentation to learn more.


What Are SureCart Upsells

Upsells are personalized recommendations for upgrades to higher-value products or related products presented to the customer after they place their initial order. Similar to a friendly salesperson suggesting a better version of the product you’re interested in or a complementary product, Upsells offer customers the option to upgrade their purchase to a product with more premium features. The purpose of an upsell from the store perspective is to increase the average order value, typically by including a limited-time discount as the upsell offer. 

Upsell Examples:

Let’s consider the same scenario of purchasing a new laptop online. After selecting the model you want and proceeding to checkout, you’re presented with an upsell offer. This offer suggests upgrading your purchase to a higher-specification version of the same laptop, with more memory and faster processing speed, for an additional cost. It could also be an offer to purchase an accessory or other office product such as a chair or desk to complement the laptop purchase.

With SureCart, you could also use an upsell for different pricing options within the same product. For example, if you add our Wishlist For SureCart plugin to your cart for yearly, we could present an upsell to purchase lifetime instead, and even offer a discount for doing so.

Key Features Of SureCart Upsells:

  • Offered after the checkout process: Upsells are presented after customers have completed their initial purchase, providing them with additional opportunities to explore and consider other products or upgrades.
  • Suggest higher-value products or upgrades: Merchants can configure upsell offers to encourage customers to consider premium options, increasing the average order value.
  • Offer different products or upgrades: Upsells can suggest not only upgrades for the same product but also different products or alternative options that complement the customer’s purchase.
  • Customization: Merchants can customize and set up upsell funnels with various tiers and options, tailoring offers to their specific products and customer preferences.
  • Tiered Priority System: Upsells can be structured using a tiered system, providing customers with a range of choices to increase upsell conversions, including priorities to choose your priorities for the funnels.
  • Downsells: SureCart’s Upsells feature also supports downsells, offering alternative offers if customers decline the initial upsell. This maximizes revenue opportunities and customer engagement.

Please refer to the SureCart Upsells documentation to learn more.


In summary, Order Bumps are a great way to offer additional related items to a customer to add to their order with one click during the checkout process, and Upsells are a great way to offer an upgraded version of a product or related products to a customer after the order is placed. 

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