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User Switching For SureCart

This plugin adds user switching links to the SureCart interface to allow admins to assist customers or test orders by temporarily switching WordPress user accounts to view the customer dashboard.

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Why You Need the User Switching For SureCart Plugin

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, staying ahead of the game is all about delivering a stellar user experience and addressing issues promptly. Our User Switching For SureCart plugin empowers WordPress admins to harness the power of different user perspectives to test and optimize your online store, resolve your customer concerns, and improve delegated roles among your team members. It’s the secret weapon you need to ensure the success and growth of your SureCart online store.

Essential User Experience (UX) Testing

Deliver an exceptional user experience in today’s competitive ecommerce landscape by thoroughly testing and fine-tuning your website’s functionality from the perspective of your customers.

The User Switching For SureCart plugin enables you to effortlessly step into your customers’ shoes and place orders or test flows to ensure a smooth and intuitive shopping journey for every visitor.

Effortless Account Troubleshooting

Maintain a good store reputation by answering account related questions or solving issues quickly.

The User Switching For SureCart plugin allows you to switch to any customer’s account instantly to view their customer dashboard, downloads, subscriptions, licenses, etc. from their perspective, enabling you to understand what they are seeing and fix issues or answer questions promptly.

Simplified User Account Management

Revolutionize your user account management without the hassle of requesting and juggling numerous login credentials.

The User Switching For SureCart plugin saves you valuable time by switching to various user roles such as a manager or shop worker, to perform administrative tasks on behalf of your team members or to simply verify which access their user role has been granted.

Main Features

Choose User Roles For User Switching

Choose the SureCart user roles that you wish to grant access to the user switching features.

Add User Switching Link In Customer List

Choose to show or hide using switching links on each customer in the customer list page.

Add User Switching Button In Customer Details Page

Choose to show or hide a using switching button in individual customer details pages.

Add User Switching Button In Order Details Page

Choose to show or hide a using switching button in individual order details pages.

Add User Switching Button In Subscription Details Page

Choose to show or hide a using switching button in individual subscription details pages.

Switch Back To Admin At Any Time

Quickly switch back to your original user any time from the button in the bottom left corner that appears after switching.

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Are any other plugins required?

Naturally, this plugin requires SureCart, but other than that, nope! This is a standalone plugin that adds user switching capabilities within the SureCart interface.

Is this plugin secure?

Yes, we have implemented numerous measures to ensure the safety and security of this plugin’s functionality.

  1. Only users with the WordPress Administrator role can access the User Switching For SureCart settings. This is best practice to avoid unwanted users from tampering with important settings.
  2. Only users who are specifically granted the ability to switch user accounts based on their user role can access the links to switch users. This is controlled by the user role setting which is configured by the site Administrator in the User Switching For SureCart settings area.
  3. User account passwords are securely hidden and cannot be access or revealed by the user who is initiating the switch.
  4. User sessions are managed by the cookie authentication system in WordPress, which provides a secure way for users to stay logged in across the website. This system relies on cookies stored in your own browser session to remember the user account you switched from and are switching back to later. Since cookies are local, they provide a secure way to identify and authenticate the user when switching.
  5. A nonce (number used once) security system in WordPress is used to ensure only specific actions are authorized and initiated by the intended user. Nonce is different for each request and can only be used once. This means only those who intend to switch users and click the specific link enabled by the settings can actually switch to that user.

Do you take feature requests?

Absolutely, we love hearing ideas from users, and are excited to continue adding more features to the plugin to enhance the experience and value for everyone. Please send us a message with your feature request!

Can I share a new SureCart addon idea?

Yes, please do! We are very interested and actively working on expanding our collection of SureCart addons, and would love to hear your ideas! We always try to determine if a feature will come to SureCart core, and only want to develop plugins that are unique and useful with features that are not available by default in SureCart. If your idea fits that criteria, please send us a message with your addon idea!

Have A Question?

If you have any presale questions or need support, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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